Nut Allergy Bracelet

Nut Allergy Bracelet

Allergy bracelets are bracelets that are worn by those who have an allergy of one kind or another. These are not just fashion pieces, rather they engravings which have important information about the kind of allergy the wearer suffers from. In case of any medical emergency, allergy bracelets can be life savers. Nut allergy bracelets are the allergy bracelets worn by those who suffer from nut allergies. The different kinds of nuts have the same constitution underneath their differences, so most nut allergies are shared across different nuts, though this is hardly a rule.
In this article we talk about the affects of nut allergies, and how you can avoid them by wearing a nut allergy bracelet. But please not that this article is not written to be taken as medical advice – for that you should contact your doctor or an allergist.

Nut Allergies

People who have nut allergies can be allergic to hazel nuts, walnuts, pecans, cashews, almonds, Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, pistachios and other types of tree nuts. Though peanuts are technically not nuts, they still can elicit the same kind of an allergenic reaction in people that is elicited by nuts, because of its similar nature. Coconut and nutmeg are also known to provoke an allergic reaction similar to other nuts.
Nut allergy is provoked in the body due to the untimely release of immunological chemicals by the body in response to coming in contact with nuts. For the people suffering from nut allergy, their body wrongly reacts to nuts by releasing immunoglobulin to fight what it considers to be harmful substances (nuts). Immunoglobulin then triggers the release of Histamine, apart from other immunological chemicals.
Under normal circumstances, histamine is part of the body’s defense mechanism. But in reaction to what it considers an attack on the body, this release of histamine results in physical reactions such as wheezing, stomachache, vomiting, swelling and hives.

Uses of Nut Allergy Bracelet

 The worst case scenario for an attack of nut allergy is anaphylaxis, which will render the subject or patient unconscious. In such a scenario, any medical attention that the patient gets will need to know the type of allergy the patient suffers from. Here is where a nut allergy bracelet will come in handy. With its markings or engravings containing the information that the medical professionals need to know the kind of allergenic reaction the patient is having, nut allergy bracelets are of paramount importance in responding to a nut allergy attack.

Buying a Nut Allergy Bracelet

Nut allergy bracelets can be purchased online on the many sites including and E-bay. They can look like just any other bracelet. They can be made of metal, beads, plastic or cloth. The important thing is that they contain the information about the allergy you may have in clear type. There are some but allergy bracelets on which you can yourself write the allergy that you suffer from.
A nut allergy bracelet is as far removed from being a fashion tem as it can be – it is a medical requirement, and there is no reason why you should avoid wearing one if you suffer from nut allergies or allergies of any kind.

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