Kukui Nut Oil

Kukui Nut Oil

Kukui nut oil is taken from the seeds of kukui or candle nuts. The oil is completely transparent and has a low viscosity and is used for a variety of different health benefits. Kukui nut oil is an excellent ingredient for use in various lotions and other moisturizers as it has a very calming effect on chapped skin. It has also been used to reduce fever and can be a very effective and gentle laxative.

Where to Get It

Kukui nut oil is available in many different sizes from a variety of different stores and online retailers. The oil typically comes from Hawaii and the natives have used it for centuries to cure headaches, stop acne breakouts and sooth burns from many different sources. Many people find that kukui oil is the most effective on the market today for soothing sunburn and preventing peeling. The oil can also sooth wind burn, radiation burn and various other injuries. You can check online at many different retailers to find the oil. Again, it comes in many different sized containers and can be purchased from various specialty stores as well.


Cost is obviously going to vary depending on the size of container as well as the retailer and the purity of the kukui nut oil that you purchase. Prices typically range for pure oil from around $10 for four ounces and up. Again, this depends on where you purchase. You should ensure that you are getting pure oil so purchasing from a reputable dealer is very important.

Other Uses

Most like the feel of kukui nut oil because it does not leave a greasy feeling when rubbed onto the skin. Most lotions that contain this oil also leave the skin feeling fresh without any greasy residue or film. The oil is used in a number of cosmetics and lotions from various different manufacturers. Kukui nut oil naturally contains certain vitamins and antioxidants that are healthy for the skin. Vitamins A, C and E are found in the oil as well as various other nutrients that help to heal the skin. The oil is used for a variety of medical conditions such as eczema, various burns and chapped skin conditions, psoriasis, acne, to heal scars and lesions, dry hair and to provide an anti-aging effect. To use the oil you simply rub it on the skin over the affected area. If you cannot find skincare and other products with kukui nut oil in them you can add the oil yourself or simply purchase it directly from a retailer and make your own lotions and creams. Simply add a few drops to your favorite lotions or make your own lotions and add the oil after your concoction has cooled. If you want to use the oil to treat dry scalp or dry hair you can simply use it directly from the bottle. You can also add kukui nut oil to your bathwater to treat a variety of conditions or to simply give yourself a luxurious soak.

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