Pine Nut Oil

Pine Nut Oil

Most people consider pine nut oil as being a dietary supplement that is taken to suppress one’s appetite and also because it is an antioxidant. Pine nuts from which pine oil is derived actually grow on pine trees. Such nuts have for many centuries been used for food and are even today used in dishes from Italy and from Turkey.

Benefits the health

It is a good idea to take a look at why consuming pine nut oil can be beneficial to one’s health. The simple truth is that pine nuts are able to provide sufficient pinoleic acid which has the ability of suppressing appetite and in addition this acid also helps in stimulating hormones. Therefore, people consume pine nut oil because they are sure that doing so will help them to suppress their appetite and in this way they can avoid putting on weight.

Pine nut oil is also beneficial in other ways as it has a beneficial effect on LDL which can cause bad cholesterol levels to rise. So, consuming this oil ensures that you can keep bad cholesterol levels under control.

Good for the heart

Pine nut oil is also beneficial to the heart and this is because it contains enough of monounsaturated fat and along with its magnesium argnine and potassium content can help in reducing the risk of different kinds of heart diseases.

The fact that this oil is also able to improve the health of your bones is yet another reason why it pays to consume pine nut oil. This oil makes it easier for the body to suck up calcium and this helps in promoting stronger bones as well as teeth.

Good for blood

Finally, pine nut oil benefits the blood which becomes healthier because this oil provides sufficient amount of iron which in turn helps in forming hemoglobin which is the component of blood that carries oxygen.

Today, pine nut oil is considered to be very beneficial and is widely being used to affect weight loss. Pine nuts contain high quality protein as well as amino acids and it is also a wonderful killer of appetite. Its oil also contains fat that helps in releasing a hormone that is known as Cholecystokinin or CCK which kills off your appetite.


It is possible to use pine nut oil in your regular diet in different ways. You just need to buy this oil in pure form and use it to top off your salads. Taking these salads as pre meal appetizers is perhaps the best way to control and kill off your appetite because if you consume pine nut oil about half an hour before a meal, it will actually help you to suppress your appetite.

You can also add some pine nut oil to a salad and even eat a few pine nuts about an hour before a meal. These are good options that you should use if you really want to kill off your appetite with the help of pine nut oil. Last but not least, you can also include this oil in your normal diet by taking it in the form of a supplement.

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