Unsalted Mixed Nuts

Unsalted Mixed Nuts

Tesco unsalted mixed nuts are perfect for a summer holiday, especially as they are the perfect choice for having a quick and filling snack that also happens to be very good for your health. These nuts are a healthy and excellent snacking food that is far superior to the unhealthier chocolate bars that are nothing better than a means to curtail sugar craving. After consuming Tesco unsalted mixed nuts, there is a definite likelihood that you are going to want to eat a lot more of them. A 250 grams pack of these mixed nuts and raisins is certainly a good option though some people might want to munch on the larger 500 gram packs.

Healthy mix

Each pack of unsalted mixed nuts is sure to contain a healthy mix of raisins and nuts such as peanuts and Brazil nuts as well as pecan nuts, almonds, hazelnuts and raisins. These nuts are also perfect for those who are vegetarians but of course they will not suit those with an allergy to nuts. Even though the tastelessness of the unsalted nuts can be a drawback, the good news is that the high amount of raisins included in the pack will help to offset this problem by providing a touch of sweetness as well as additional flavor.


If there is anything lacking in a pack of Tesco unsalted mixed nuts and raisins, it is the fact that there are too many peanuts in the pack and less of the other variety. However, when all is said and done, these unsalted mixed nuts are certainly a much better alternative to the rather unhealthy chocolate bars.


Figi’s unsalted mixed nuts are another good option. These are more natural and offer a rich and nutty taste that is sure to satisfy the stomach and mind. A pack of these unsalted mixed nuts contains plenty of good quality cashew nuts, pecans, almonds, Brazil nuts and plenty of filberts. Even thought the nuts are unsalted, they do offer a rich and delightful taste and so make for delectable snacks.

Oh! Nuts

For wider selection of unsalted mixed nuts, it pays to check a few online sites, especially one such as Oh! Nuts which specializes in all kinds of nuts and dried fruit as well as candy and even chocolate items? They offer a delightful offering or roasted unsalted mixed nuts over which you will go crazy because this assortment of nuts contains the freshest and finest as well as tastiest collection of nuts that are also absolutely ripe and which are roasted to absolute perfection.

This pack contains an exciting collection of almonds as well as cashew nuts and they also contain Brazil nuts as well as walnuts - all of which are enough to satisfy your deepest craving for nuts. This pack contains a heady mixture of nuts that provide adequate amount of protein as well as healthy fat that will prove to be a great pick-me-up. They are so delicious that they also make for a perfect gift. This pack of unsalted mixed nuts is healthy and filling and you will have a hard time in putting down the pack once you have dipped in to enjoy the crisp and fresh nuts in it.

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