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Nut Companies

Pine nut oil can be obtained from five different species of the pine tree. The pine nuts need to be compressed before its oil can be extracted. There are several good reasons to use pine nut oil as research findings show that these oils provide medicinal benefits and in addition, this oil can also be used for cosmetic purposes as well as can be used in foods.

Nuts – Pine nut oil

Pine nut oil is loaded with a number of vitamins including vitamins D, B, A and F and each of these will help in reducing cholesterol levels and they are also good for treating skin diseases as well as will help to improve the nervous system. This oil is also loaded with a number of minerals including magnesium that helps in dilating the blood vessels and is effective in reducing tension as well.

Use in foods

Pine nut oil can also be used in foods to which they add a delicious flavor. This is why this oil is added to salads and even to marmalades. In addition, pine nut oil is also used in toothpastes as they help to maintain your gums as well as teeth. At the very least, pine nut oil, when used in a toothpaste, will help to ensure better oral hygiene.

Used in the best massage oils

Pine nut oil is also used in costly massage oils and is also used in facial creams. Siberian pine nut oil is one of the more effective super-foods that have been used from the very ancient times. A tablespoon of it when consumed thrice daily will help to reduce disorders of the stomach as well as of the intestines.


Kukui nut oil is useful oil that is obtained from Kukui trees that grow mainly in Hawaii. Kukui nut oil offers many medicinal benefits and can help to treat aches in the bowel and stomach and in addition can help to control aches in the ulcers as well as controls swelling and is good for asthma as well as for obtaining relief from headaches.

Kukui nut oil is also used in dyes and they can help in waterproofing canoes. This nut oil is also used in many shampoos and soaps and is also used as an insecticide. In addition, Kukui nut oil is also used as a preservative and can be burned to provide light.


Macadamia nut oil is another useful product. It is often used for cooking especially because when cooked it does not lose its flavor which is nutty and very delicious. This particular oil is also used in skin as well as in hair care products. This is because it contains plenty of palmitoleic acid which helps to provide superior moisturization. The acid also has antioxidant properties which keep the skin from becoming dry and in this way can prevent blemishes and wrinkles.

Macadamia nut oil also has certain nutritional value and so is widely used in dietary supplements. There no doubts the fact that macadamia nut oil offers several health benefits. It offers much stability as well as is versatile and this is why the oil is so popular.

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