Extra Nutty

Extra Nutty

If you are looking for the best extra nutty nuts, you should check out a nutty mix that is nut centric in every sense of the word. The core of a good Extra Nutty mix is a mix of salted and roasted cashew nuts. Along with the cashew nuts, there will also be a few almonds and hazelnuts as well as pistachio meats and more. In fact, you can also enjoy the taste of delightful roasted almonds as well as hazelnuts whose taste will be enhanced with some roasted peanuts and much more.

Nuts – salted or unsalted

The right Extra Nutty will have all the above mentioned nuts and much more including peanuts – both salted as well as roasted - and to that you can add some red skin peanuts and sesame peanuts as well as toasted corn and even squash seeds which are roasted and even salted. A packet of Extra Nutty nuts mix will generally cost about 9.95$ and will contain about seven ounces of delightful nuts.

Deluxe Nut Mini Bar

Deluxe Nut Mini Bar is another excellent example of an Extra Nutty mix. This particular item is packed with four of the most delicious nutty mixes and they are tucked into a perfect package. This wonderful looking tray which is made of East Asian Kiri wood and it holds bags of roasted as well as salted cashew nuts. In addition there are salted pistachios and sweet and salty Harvest Mix with some wonderfully tasting roasted nuts as well as dried fruits.

This Extra Nutty mix also contains roasted and salted cashew nuts and almonds as well as hazelnuts and pistachios as well as peanuts, squash seeds and toasted corn. This Extra Nutty mix is available in thirty-five ounces and costs forty dollars.

This Extra Nutty mix can be served to all your guests and is a wonderful option which you can serve on birthdays and on Father’s Day as well as on anniversaries. For those who love brownies there are other options available including some delightful Extra Nutty brownies.

Rich in calories

The only thing that makes people hesitate in eating Extra Nutty brownies is the fact that they contain a lot of calories. However, if you are willing to forget all about fats, calories and sugar and you want to delight your palate then it certainly pays to check out some wonderful Extra Nutty brownies.

Extra Nutty brownies are very delicious and are a great option for those who love something that is sticky and also very fudgy.

P’Nutty Mix Deluxe Toasted and Salted

P’Nutty Mix Deluxe Toasted and Salted is another wonderful option for those who are looking for something special. This Extra Nutty mix is super tasty and contains a wonderful blend of Virginia peanuts and Redskin Spanish Peanuts. It also contains Royal Mix that is made up of jumbo cashews and Sunnyland Extra-Fancy Mammoth Pecan Halves.

Each nut is toasted separately and is then blended together by hand. This Extra Nutty mix is certainly very exceptional. Once you open it up you will get to enjoy a unique and delightful taste. You should not mind paying 32.25$ for a one pound twelve ounce decorative gift tin.

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