Nut Snacks

Nut Snacks

Nut snacks are readily available at almost every grocery store and at virtually every specialty store. Before spending money on them, it is important to find out whether they are healthy and able to provide enough nutrients to keep you in good shape. Among all the different nut snacks available today there are a few that stands out for being tasty and also very healthy. Nuts that are natural offer many health benefits and those such as macadamia and almonds, as well as filberts and walnuts stand out as being the healthiest.

Health benefits

Nut snacks consisting of these nuts provide health benefits because the body gets sufficient amount of Vitamin E, magnesium and potassium as well as a number of essential oils.  All these factors help in keeping the heart healthy and will also promote better blood circulation to keep you in perfect shape.

Mrs. Mays

Mrs. Mays nut snacks are loved for their crunchiness and because they are also healthy. Mrs. May’s nut snacks do not contain any of the following: cholesterol, dairy, wheat, gluten, preservative, Tran’s fat, non-GMO and they also do not contain artificial colors or any artificial flavors. It pays to try their slow roasted nuts as these will help to keep the heart healthy and are also ever so slightly sweetened to provide just the right taste.

Honey glazed

Honey glazed assorted nuts are another good option for those who are looking for healthy and tasty nut snacks. An assortment of cashews, almonds, pecans and filberts can prove to be very healthily appetizing. With pure honey glazed on the nuts, you are going to get a chance to take in some of the healthiest and sweetest nuts anywhere.

Hawaiian nut mix

Hawaiian nut mix is another option for those looking for the best nut snacks. These nuts provide an excellent tropical taste and contain a mix of several different kinds of dried fruits which when combined with macadamia nuts and filberts will satisfy the stomach and keep you healthy as well.

If you are the type that likes to hike or go on long bike rides, it pays to pick the best nut snacks for such exertions. Be sure to pick nut snacks that contain plenty of energy which you can do by including dried papaya and bananas as well as nuts and raisins. These will contain plenty of protein and are also very safe and healthy.

For those who are worried about consuming too much salt in their nut snacks, then it pays to look for mixed nuts that are only lightly salted. Such nuts are very nutritious and in fact, Brazil nuts are the most nutritious and so should be your first choice. These nuts contain plenty of zinc, calcium, iron as well as selenium which are a wonderful antioxidant that besides being natural is also very effective in combating cancer.

Finally, it also pays to look at the benefits of consuming a healthy combination of soy nuts. An assortment of soy beans and cranberries and almonds as well as cherries will prove to be very delicious. In addition, this mixture will also provide the body with plenty of fiber and very little of sodium and is a perfect low fat snack which will boost energy levels and promote good health as well.

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