Peanut Bags

Peanut Bags

Peanut bags are available in different sizes and shapes. It always pays to look for those that are slim and fashionable and which have handles in various colors. It is also important to look for peanut bags that are eco friendly and which offer good value for your money. Totes are actually a good option and can serve multiple purposes including making for excellent presents as well as personal use bags. One should look for budget totes which must be made from 100 percent cotton and which must also have strong enough handles and reinforced stitching.

Styles and sizes

It is easy to place the words “peanut bag” on the bag though such bags are in fact designed to serve multiple purposes. At the very least, they are certainly very handy accessories which are available in various styles and sizes.

Paper bags

Peanut bags are also available as paper bags that feature cut tops that are serrated and these bags also have gussets on the side and at the base. These bags can even have a personal logo on them and they are also available in every size, color and material. These bags are available in a single color and/or design and can even be screen printed. However, some vendors offer to customize your peanut bags and so it is possible to get them in multiple colors ‚Äď but, for an extra charge.

Finishing touches

White peanut bags are no less impressive than the more conventional brown options. These white colored bags have serrated cut tops and gussets on the side and at the base and are perfect for storing your peanuts. You can get them imprinted and in fact, many vendors employ the best graphic designers to help in providing the most appropriate finishing touches to your peanut bags by adding the perfect logo/artwork. No matter what kind of image you wish to imprint on your peanut bags, the graphics team can handle it.

Different colors

These bags need not be just white colored as there are a host of colors to choose from including but not limited to blacks and navy blues, browns, gold, maroons, red, various shades of blue, green, orange, copper, purple and many more.

You may also want to buy printed peanut bags that are 31/2 inches by 61/2 inches in size and which are large enough to hold two ounces of peanuts (in shells.) the Glassine bags are not printed but can still hold up to two ounces of shelled nuts.

For those who are looking for something more special, there are some very cute vintage inspired peanut bags which you can use to fill with circus peanuts which you can then serve at your party and then enjoy watching the guests as they dig in to their peanuts. A good size for such peanut bags is 3 ¬Ĺ inches by 7 inches and it should also have a pinched base.

If you are looking for these cute peanut bags, then you should check out The Sugar Diva which was once just a small company that has in its seven years of existence grown to become a well known company  that has a diverse product line that are mostly handmade.

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