Buy Black Walnuts

Buy Black Walnuts

If your taste buds are craving for that strong nutty flavor combined with an incredibly satisfying crunch, buy black walnuts now. Black walnuts are usually shelled and in chunks that make one of the most delicious ice cream toppings. Black walnuts are also excellent in salads, as an ingredient in baked foods or just eaten raw. Black walnuts are also used to create black walnut ice cream as well as the well-known flavoring, the black walnut extract.

Black walnuts have a tasty nutty flavor and provide a rich blend of protein and vegetable fats with a small amount of carbohydrates. Among the many types of nutritious healthy nuts that people enjoy, black walnuts are the all-time favorite because of their texture and taste. Black walnuts are one of the two kinds of walnut, the other king being the more frequently found English walnut that has a lighter taste.

Health Benefits

Aside from its irresistible taste, black walnuts have tons of health benefits to offer.


1. If you're monitoring your cholesterol, black walnuts can make your diet certainly a lot tastier. Black walnut has really low saturated fat, yet has high monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are considered the good fats that decrease bad cholesterol while preserving good cholesterol.

2. If you add some black walnuts to any recipe, it can help enhance its iron, fiber content and protein without the need to add sugar.
3. You can also consume black walnuts for better general cardiovascular health, because black walnuts contain immense amounts of omega-3 fats that help support heart function.
4. Black walnuts’ healing properties can be credited to its high content of Omega-3 fatty acids, also called linolenic acid. Increased intake of ALA can protect against heart attack and it’s able to burn up fatty materials and toxins, while it helps stabilize sugar levels.

5. Black walnuts are used to treat some illnesses, foster weight loss and boosts overall health. The most helpful effects may be associated to the increased polyunsaturated fat content that are particularly essential for the body’s good functioning. 

6. The extract of black walnut can be internally taken for rheumatism, gout and glandular disturbances.  It can also eliminate intestinal parasites through oxygenation of the blood to destroy the parasites.

7. Black walnut provides a lot of medicinal benefits and uses. It can be utilized as a germicide, an antiseptic, a laxative and an anti-parasitic.

A Labor of Love

Almost each step in cultivating, harvesting, and preparing shelled black walnuts is still done by hand, thus whenever you buy black walnuts, it’s considered a labor of love. In late autumn, black walnuts fall naturally from the trees, where they need to directly harvest from the forest floor. Then, the messy greens are removed, the nuts are dried up, the super tough nutshells are broken and lastly, this delicious snack can already be plucked out.
So when you buy black walnuts, remember to think about the hands-on effort that it took to bring these delicacies to you.

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