Buy Nuts and Bolts

Buy Nuts and Bolts

If you happen to be looking to buy nuts and bolts, you will certainly do well to deal with a hardware store such as Bolt Depot that has been in this business since the forties. This hardware store was established in an area where there were numerous garages and fishing vessels and so their prime objective in the beginning was to cater to the marine as well as fastener industries. Thanks to the high quality of service and products that this hardware store sold to its customers, it soon became well known in Boston’s south shore for providing the best and widest range of nuts and bolts.

Changed tracks

After the Internet arrived, Bolt Depot changed tracks to accommodate a new segment of buyers that were now looking to buy nuts and bolts online. Therefore, Bolt Depot did its best to make it very easy for customers to search and buy nuts and bolts online from their stores. Today, it carries on the tradition of a real hardware store while also maintaining a family atmosphere and it also continues to serve its clients in the best way possible.

Different buying options

At Bolt Depot, it is possible to buy nuts and bolts by the piece and by box as well as in bulk. They are also committed to providing very quick order turnarounds and each item ordered is going to be individually packaged and then labeled. This is a great store to buy nuts and bolts because it backs up its items with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Best of all, customers can order in any quantity as there is no minimum order.


Once you buy nuts and bolts from Bolt Depot and if for some reason you are not satisfied with the purchase, you can just return the product for exchange or replacement and even for a refund. This hardware store will also refund the cost of shipping as well as handling in case of a full return.

When you buy nuts and bolts from Bolt Depot, you are also assured that your order is going to be shipped on the very same day. They also ship by UPS ground and their shipping and handling costs are the same as what UPS charges plus another dollar and fifty cents for handling charges.

Another reason to buy nuts and bolts from this hardware store is that it always has new products that it constantly adds to its inventory. Examples of its new products include the Two-way reversible lock nut in stainless as well as zinc plated steel.

If you are planning to buy nuts and bolts from Bolt Depot, then you can visit their site and use their customer service page to find out how you can shop with them. There is plenty of information available including about shipping and ordering as well as about products and problems with ordering. You can also find out about whether a particular product is available and there is also plenty of clear information to help you understand their return policies.

Finally, before you buy nuts and bolts from Bolt Depot, be sure to learn how you can use your online catalog and take full advantage of their printable catalog.

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