Buy Pistachio Nuts

Buy Pistachio Nuts

If you want to eat a snack that will satisfy your taste and is good for your health at the same time, buy pistachio nuts now. A long time ago, pistachio nuts were a cherished delicacy amongst royals. Today, pistachio nuts are well-liked by many people for their distinct taste and of course, the health benefits they provide. Let’s take a closer look at why these nuts are really good for your palate and for your health as well.

Pistachio Nuts and Your Health

Many researches have revealed a thrilling link between your health and pistachios. The U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans said pistachio nuts are a nutrient-filled snack that needs to be included in our diet. Pistachio nuts contain significant amounts of minerals and vitamins, thus, pistachio nuts can undeniably make an excellent snack food.

Pistachio Nuts Nutrition

Pistachio nuts are an excellent source of B6, potassium, copper, magnesium and phosphorus.  Pistachio nuts offer 30 minerals, vitamins, as well as phytonutrients.

Fiber in Pistachio Nuts

Pistachio nuts have lots of fiber. As a matter of fact, it contains greater amounts of fiber compared to other high-fiber foods. If you like to add fiber in your diet, buy pistachio nuts and you’ll not regret it.

Protein in Pistachio Nuts

If you want to substitute animal protein with vegetable protein, pistachio nuts eaten along with fruits, vegetables and protein-rich grains, can aid in adding protein to one’s diet. Pistachio nuts are a great source of vegetable protein.

Antioxidants and Pistachio Nuts

Oxidative stress may cause harm to your body which results in diseases like heart disease and cancer. Dietary antioxidants will help in order to ease the damage. Pistachio nuts have phenolic compounds that have antioxidant ability.

Pistachio nuts and Carotenoids

Pistachio nuts have considerable amounts of the zeaxanthin and carotenoids lutein. Carotenoids have been associated with lower risk of acquiring macular degeneration, which results in blindness for elderly.

Pistachio Nuts and Phytosterols

Pistachio nuts are abundant in plant sterols. Latest research proposes that phytosterols may reduce absorption of dietary cholesterol from other foods. Now, plant sterols are being mixed to foods due to its beneficial effect.
According to a survey, wheat germ and sesame seeds ranked first at the list in terms of phytosterol amounts, but they aren’t consumed in considerable levels as individual foods, whereas sunflower seeds and pistachio nuts had the most phytosterol content among commonly eaten foods.

Pistachio Nuts Benefits and Diet

One of the most excellent ideas you can do to take care of your health is to include the tasty pistachio nuts into any of your eating plan.

  • You may add chopped pistachio nuts to cream cheese or yogurt as well as pancakes, oatmeal or muffins.
  • Unsalted pistachio nuts are an exceptional addition to vegetarian or vegan diets
  • As much as possible, try consuming around 30 pistachio nuts (approximately 18 g), 4 times every week.

So, go ahead and buy pistachio nuts now and get your appetite and your health a treat.

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