Bulk Mixed Nuts

Bulk Mixed Nuts

Buying things in bulk is an excellent way to stock up on the products that you need most and save a little money in the process. Bulk macadamia nuts for instance are an excellent idea for those who use them for baking, preparing festive baskets or foods for the holidays or anyone who simply enjoys the taste of macadamia nuts in general. There are many retailers that offer macadamia nuts in bulk and if you know how to properly store them, the nuts can last you for a long time. You should understand that most bulk macadamia nuts are sold already shelled. If you are searching for them in the shell then you may have a harder time finding them. This is because they are very hard to crack, much like walnuts. If however, you can find them in the shell and do not mind the work of getting them out, you will find that the cost for unshelled macadamia nuts are up to eighty percent less than those that are already shelled.

Cooking with Macadamia Nuts

If you are purchasing bulk macadamia nuts then you may want to know a few ways to use the nuts when cooking and baking. There are hundreds of recipes that call for these delicious kernels and they are considered one of the most desired gourmet delicacies in the world. Some recipes call for ground nuts which can easily be done in a food processor or blender. Macadamia nuts are used in many recipes to give additional flavor to poultry and several seafood dishes and can be used in pies and pastries when ground to give added flavor to the crust. You can toast them easily in just a few minutes to add extra flavor if you want or simply have them sitting around the house for a quick snack. Macadamia nuts are very healthy and contain many essential nutrients that help the immune system and skin.

Storing Bulk Macadamia Nuts

If you are planning to purchase macadamia nuts in bulk then you will need to understand the best way to store them, particularly if you are not planning on using them right away. You should understand that these nuts contain a fairly high fat content. In order to avoid rancidity then must be stored correctly. If you notice that the nuts have begun to darken in color then they are aging and will quickly turn rancid. The best way to store macadamia nuts to keep them fresh longer is to vacuum seal them. If you do not have a vacuum sealing system you can purchase airtight containers. Stored properly, macadamia nuts can be refrigerated for up to six months. If you are planning to freeze them you can keep them for up to a year but again, once you notice them turning darker it is time to replace them with fresher nuts. Bulk macadamia nuts come in many different sized packages and at a variety of costs. If you are planning to purchase them in bulk it may be a good idea to get a vacuum sealing system just to ensure that you are not losing your money when they go bad.

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