Pecans Wholesale

Pecans Wholesale

Pecans are among the healthiest nuts in the world. They are used in creating a variety of dishes and are sold by many retailers in foods, gift baskets and simply plain to be enjoyed as an everyday snack. Purchasing pecans wholesale is a good idea if you tend to use them regularly in cooking and baking or if you make up your own gift baskets. There are a variety of retailers and wholesale suppliers that offer pecans in bulk and at wholesale prices.

Using Pecans

Again, purchasing pecans wholesale is a good idea to help you to save money and enjoy these delicious nuts, particularly if you use them regularly for certain dishes. They are widely available in many states including Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. Many people use pecans regularly for certain dishes including the very popular pecan pie. Other uses include adding them to salads, using them for coating fish and even putting them in your holiday stuffing recipe. It is estimated that in the United States alone, nearly 500 million pounds of pecans are used each year.

Storing Pecans

In order to keep your pecans fresh and usable you need to store them properly to maintain freshness. You can put them in the refrigerator in an airtight container and keep them for up to nine months or more. Freezing is also a good storage option but keep in mind that you need to keep them in an airtight container to prevent freezer burn. Frozen pecans can last up to two years or more.

Pecans and Your Health

Besides being delicious, pecans offer many unique health benefits that you do not get with other nuts. They do not contain saturated fat and are sodium free. In addition, they provide many needed nutrients that are essential for a health immune system as well as antioxidants that keep you healthier overall. Pecans contain nearly twenty minerals and vitamins in each little nut including zinc, calcium, potassium and several others that help to promote overall good health.

Buying Pecans Wholesale

When purchasing pecans wholesale it is important that you use a reputable dealer. You want to be sure to get the freshest nuts possible. Your cost will depend on where you purchase them as well as the specific weight that you purchase. Many wholesale suppliers offer lower prices for higher weight amounts. For instance, you may pay $3 per pound for up to 25 pounds and then see your price drop to under $3 for 30 pounds or more. Take your time and look around at different suppliers to find the best price but remember to ensure that you are receiving quality products whenever you purchase. Most wholesalers offer low shipping depending on the amount of pecans that you purchase as well as the containers that they are shipped in. Purchasing pecans at wholesale prices is a good idea for restaurants and other businesses that are going to use them in bulk or for anyone who simply enjoys the taste and wants to keep them around the house.

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