Chocolate Covered Almonds

Chocolate Covered Almonds

It is hard to find better snacks than chocolate covered almonds. What’s more, consuming about an ounces and a half of these almonds provides many health benefits. Chocolate covered almonds contain plenty of Vitamin E as well as magnesium and they also provide sufficient amount of protein and fiber as well as potassium to the body. They even provide the body with calcium and phosphorous and lots of iron as well.

Good for the body

Almonds are known to provide plenty of monounsaturated fat which is very good for the body. Almonds are also the favorite nut of most Americans. There are good reasons for this including the fact that a single ounce of them contains fourteen grams of fat of which 64 percent happens to be monounsaturated fat. This fat is actually good for the body as it helps to lower cholesterol in much the same way as a costly drug would lower cholesterol.

Sugar craving

For those who have a particular fondness for almonds, nothing quite beats chocolate covered almonds which satisfy cravings for sugar and also keep you healthy as well. This combination of sweet and nuts provides total satisfaction and helps to fill the stomach as well.

A five pound bag of yellow Jordan chocolate covered almonds is a good option for those who wish to taste the crunchiness of almonds dipped in a thick layer of the best chocolate. Each such bag contains approximately 75 pieces per single pound.

Brach’s Milk Chocolate

Brach’s Milk chocolate covered Blue Diamond almonds are available in 7 pound bags. These are very tasty and the rich taste of almonds that are smothered in thick milk chocolate will have you wanting more.

Gourmet chocolate

Gourmet chocolate covered almonds are available in ten pound cases. These almonds that are again smothered in the richest chocolate are able to create truly decadently sweet delights. They are a must have for everyone that just cannot do without chocolate covered almonds.

It is not always necessary to go out and purchase expensive chocolate covered almonds because there are plenty of recipes available that you can use to create them in your home. All that is required is to buy twelve ounces of chocolate pieces/chips and another two cupfuls of toasted almonds.

Next, take a tray and line it with waxed foil/paper. Melt some chocolate over a boiler and stir it constantly until the chocolate becomes smooth. Keep stirring the chocolate every thirty seconds and keep dropping some almonds into the melting chocolate. Next, take the chocolate out with the help of a fork and then tap it so that excess chocolate is released. Set the tray aside so that the chocolate and almonds are able to set properly.

Chocolate covered almonds offer some notable health benefits such as containing very low amounts of sodium and cholesterol. However, they also contain far too much of saturated fats and sugar which is why one should consume them in moderation. In fact, it pays to buy organic chocolate covered almonds which are natural, healthy and much safer to consume as compared to the other types.

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