Ball Screw Nut

Ball Screw Nut

A ball screw nut is a device used with a ball screw that helps to provide a smoother movement for certain tools and other products. The ball screw is designed to include various ball bearings that are all located inside a sleeve. Many different aeronautics and other industries use this design for a variety of robotics and other devices. Ball screws are available in various designs, shapes and sizes and the overall design typically includes the sleeve which is basically a long threaded rod. This sleeve is created specifically to have the thread spaced tightly together to allow the entire assembly to work properly. The ball screw works like a nut that fits over the sleeve. It is much different than a traditional nut used in tools and other crafting. The ball screw nut is a unit that is self-contained and includes several different bearings inside. Once the ball screw is placed securely over the sleeve, these bearings will roll down the threads inside the sleeve.

Purpose of the Ball Screw Nut

The main purpose of the ball screw nut is to allow it to easily move up and down the sleeve or shaft. Ball bearing screw designs offer more than ninety percent operating efficiency. When compared to the not quite fifty percent efficiency in other systems, the ball screw system becomes the chosen system for a variety of needs because it operates with less need for additional force like other systems. Devices that need to use ball screws to operate moving parts such as various robotics will find the ball screw nut system much more feasible than other more traditional screw and nut systems.


The actual cost of a ball screw nut is going to depend on many factors. First, quality is always going to cost a bit more than those products that are flimsy or otherwise shoddy. If you need a quality ball screw nut then you can expect to pay a higher price, although they are not considered to be expensive by any means. Again, the overall cost depends on a few different things such as the size of the product that you need and what specifically you are going to use it for. If you need a durable ball screw assembly then this may cost a bit more than something that is used for trinkets or other gadgets. Those used in airplane assemblies for instance are going to be much more expensive than something that is needed for models or other home use.

Where to Find It

You can find many retailers that provide ball screw nuts for a variety of different needs. The first thing that you should do is go online and begin searching for the variety and sizes that meet your specific needs. Take the time to browse several different websites in order to find the ball screw nut that offers the highest quality. You can also compare prices at different sites if you are concerned about cost. Remember that ball screw assemblies have a slightly higher price than more traditional methods but this does not mean that they are completely unaffordable. Take your time and do some research to find the most durable ball screw nuts at the lowest prices.

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