Well Nuts

Well Nuts

A well nut is a type of fastener that is used to mechanically join two or more objects together. It is specifically useful in situations where the installation is prone to vibrations and other such stressful situations. Originally developed by the United Shoe Machinery Corporation, well nuts are an important part of the repertoire of any workman or factory floor. In this article we talk about the design and construction of well nuts, and then we go over their uses. Finally we talk about some online stores or sites where you can purchase well nuts.

The Design and Construction of Well Nuts

Well nuts consist of a rubber or neoprene bushing which has a nut embedded in it. The nut is embedded in the non flanged end. The bolt passes through one of the pieces that are to be fastened, and then is threaded into the well nut from the flanged end. The non flanged end of the well nut is then inserted into the other piece that is to be fastened.
The bushing around the well nut acts as a vibrator and stress insulator. It interfaces two parts and damps the energy transmitted through the bushing. Usually bushing is made out of rubber, but in well nuts neoprene too is common. Bushing is also known as flexible or anti vibration mounting. This is the part of the well nut that gives it its anti vibration action.
Once the bolt is tightened in the well nut, the friction between the neoprene bushing and the piece where it is being affixed prevents the well nut from turning. The bushing is compressed, which in turn increases seals the bolt hole between the nut and the piece, giving it more stability.

Uses and Applications of Well Nuts

Well nuts can also be used as solid workpieces. They are not especially strong, but since their USP is stability against vibrations and related stress, they are vey useful in situations where you have vibrations of the pieces or the installation.               
They also help in absorbing ambient noise that is the by product of vibrations or other movements. Because they have a neoprene or rubber covering, they are also electrically neutral. They also help in preventing galvanic corrosion. Because they themselves are made of metal and rubber, they are very well suited for mixed metal and plastic installations.

How to buy Well Nuts

A lot of online stores and companies offer to ship you well nuts of the specification you require. Well nuts come in various sizes, according to different parameters. One of the parameters is the thread size, and determines the type of the well nut. Other parameters or dimensions you should be interested in are: head size, hole diameter, body diameter, grip range, head height, over all length. These are mostly expressed in inches.
Once you have selected the well nut that you want, checking its size and build quality, you can order them online. Most sites will take orders of at least 1000 well nuts as a minimum order that they will handle. 

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