Weld Nuts

Weld Nuts

The Gripco Pilot Projection weld nuts are an excellent choice as they are manufactured from the best steels that contain low amount of carbon and are also a perfect set of nuts for use with any Grade 2 bolt. These are weld nuts that have especially been engineered to provide best positioning in a hole that is either drilled or pierced. The Pilot Projection is very useful as it helps to eliminate any need to use a costly jig and it does also ensures that there is no need to use an expensive centering device and in addition it prevents the welding spatter from getting into the threads of the nut.

Stable and firm

These weld nuts are available as 3 and even 6 projection types and can each provides stable and firm and current connections while the welding work is taking place.

Grade B

There are other Gripco weld nuts that are also worth checking out. The Gripco Grade B Pilot Projection weld nuts are also manufactured from steel that contains very low carbon. This is done in order to comply with performance specifications for Grade B.

These weld nuts are also designed for the grade 5 bolts with which it can easily be used. These are also engineered for easier positioning with drilled and pierced holes. In many ways, these weld nuts are quite similar to the Standard Series.

Standard Series

There is also the Gripco Class 9 Standard Series Metric Pilot projection weld nuts that you might want to consider. They also share many common characteristics with the Standard Series and with the Grade B variety.

P1 Series Tab

On the other hand, the Gripco PI Series Tab weld nuts are another option. Manufactured from steel containing low carbon these weld nuts are precisely engineered to provide quick and dependable results when used on a flat section or a confined corner and even with flanges. These are easy to use and have sufficient height to ensure that spatter from welding does not enter the threads of the nut.

The P2 Series is another option for those who are looking for Tab weld nuts while a third option that is worth exploring is that of the Gripco S1 and S2 Series.

The Gripco Standard Series Countersunk weld nuts are yet another option and are also manufactured from steel which has low carbon content. Such nuts are well suited when you do not want to waste too much time in re-tapping the threads on a frequent basis, especially after completing your welding work. These nuts have a bearing surface bas which is countersunk in order to help keep the nut threads from fouling up on account of contact with molten metal particles which will be discharged during a welding operation. These weld nuts are perfect if you wish to weld to a blind surface and/or a curved surface and also over drilled and pre-punched holes. They are useful in other ways as well including for use as spacers and weld pads.

If you need to buy good quality Gripco weld nuts, then Emhart Teknologies is a good source as they have these nuts in stock and offer them at reasonable rates as well.

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