Speed Nuts

Speed Nuts

Speed nuts are otherwise known as sheet metal nuts and are a kind of locknut. They typically feature two different prongs that work together as a single thread. Speed nuts are normally constructed of spring steel and are used to secure a variety of different functions. The fastener on the nut begins to tighten as the prongs are drawn into the base. This causes pressure to be placed on the root of the thread which provides security for the fastener.

Types of Speed Nuts

Just as there are various different types of screws and nails there are many different kinds of speed nuts. Most are designed for use with sheet metals screws and/or machine screws and some are designed to work independently of the piece in question. They can be rectangular in shape or shaped like a hex or flange nut. Speed nuts were invented in 1936 by Albert H. Tinnerman to solve various shipping issues with stoves that his company manufactured. You can find many retailers online that offer a look at different types and sizes of speed nuts as well as their overall functions and recommendations for using them.

Benefits of Lock Nuts

Speed nuts are a type of lock nuts and these have various different benefits. They are found in a variety of different styles as well and selecting the right style will depend on what you need to do. The nuts themselves are specifically designed to prevent connections from being loosened during shipping or other movements. Speed nuts are normally preferred when using a lock washer is not feasible. They offer many benefits over standard nuts and bolts because they prevent loosening during torque or various vibrations.  Their specific style also provides its own benefits. For instance a speed nut is a flat nut that will tread up to the back of a traditional nut. This has its own benefits just as the jam nut, another lock nut, has benefits of its own as well.

Cost for Speed Nuts

The cost for speed nuts varies and depends highly on the material used to create the nut and the specific purpose of the nut itself. You can find many hardware, automotive and online retailers that offer speed nuts for sale and choosing the ones that you need depends again on what you are planning to secure with them. There are multiple different sizes and shapes available and the cost is highly dependent on the size. You may find that you can purchase a box of 50 speed nuts for just under $20 in some areas and slightly more in other areas. If you are unsure of the size or type that you need, be sure to check with someone to ensure that you are purchasing the right style and type for your needs. Many have found alternatives to using speed or other lock nuts such as various liquids that are designed to do the same job as the speed nut. Most however, prefer the durability of speed nuts for various jobs.

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