Nut Accessories

Nut Accessories

Bag sealing tape and dispenser is one of the more important Nut Accessories that you will need to have with you if you are going to be selling nuts. A manual feed tape dispenser with hand lever can prove to be an important item of nut accessories that you will also want to have with you. You can also think about using the electronic version. An electronic tape dispenser helps to increase productivity and is dependable as well as is very easy to operate. The cost of a typical bag sealing tape and dispenser is about forty five dollars and the item weighs about three pounds.

Nuts – nut glazing brush

A nut glazing brush is another item of nut accessories that you will want to have on hand. This is a brush that has a special design that helps you to glaze a batch of nuts in an even manner and it also allows you to complete the glazing very quickly. These kinds of nut accessories will cost about forty-nine dollars and the shipping weight is a mere one pound.

Oven Mitts

If you are looking for other nut accessories, be sure to look for oven mitts. Oven mitts are normally sold separately and are insulated and are normally worn in kitchens. They help to protect the hands from heated objects like an oven or stove or other cookware.  These nut accessories are often sold singly and not as pairs and can be worn on either hand. A pair will however cost you twenty-five dollars and its shipping weight is not more than half a pound.

Sealing tape

Sealing tape is another item that you will want to purchase when purchasing your nut accessories. These are items of nut accessories that are very useful and are available in different colors including blue, orange, yellow, green red and white. They measure about 3/8 inches x 540 feet in a single roll. These Nut Accessories are available for about five dollars and their shipping weight is no more than two pounds.

Selling trays are also important items of nut accessories. These are items that are often used in bakeries and are available for about ninety-nine dollars. They weigh about three pounds and are a handy item that is worth using.

A stainless steel warming tray with selling tray is another important item of nut accessories. This one is a more expensive item that can easily set you back about 580 dollars. For this price, you will get a 110 volt heating plate that is made from stainless steel. It measures about 21 x 16 x 2 inches and weighs about thirteen pounds.

A Taylor Scale is also an important item of nut accessories. It is available for about 79 dollars and weighs about two pounds. Taylor Scales are believed to be the best and are very popular because they offer wonderful quality and will provide accurate readings. Once you purchase one of these items of Nut Accessories, they are going to last you for a very long time to come.

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