Nut Dispenser

Nut Dispenser

A nut dispenser can be a very handle little gadget in any kitchen. If your family consumes nuts on a regular basis, this dispenser will help you to better store and serve those nuts. They typically include a clear container at the top that stores the nuts. When a button is pushed or a handle is turned, the nuts travel down through a vertical tube and end up at the bottom of the container. These containers are typically airtight so you have no worries of foods in them becoming stale or losing their freshness. Nut dispensers are used for a variety of different nut types from peanuts to pecans and may also be helpful in dispensing various types of candy and cereals.


Nut dispensers will range in cost according to where you purchase them, their size and the manufacturer who produces them. A name brand manufacturer is likely going to be a bit more expensive than one that you have never heard of. Still, you will likely find nut dispensers to be more than affordable and prices begin around $20 for a smaller model and can go much higher depending on the size and function of the nut dispenser. If you need a dispenser for commercial use for instance then you could expect to pay hundreds of dollars for it. Most home models can be purchased for well under $100.

Different Designs

There are various different designs again depending on the manufacturer of the nut dispenser. Many offer two to four different canisters which means that you can store and dispense two to four different types of nuts and candies. If you typically have several types of nuts being eaten in your home then a dispenser that allows you to store and dispense more than one type can be very useful. These are not much more expensive than single models and can help you to preserve the freshness of your nuts much better than commercial packaging. They also provide you with a much more convenient way to dispense nuts for salads, recipes and other needs.

Where to Get One

You can buy a nut dispenser from virtually any wholesale or department store these days. Novelty or specialty stores also typically have them in stock as well as various online retailers. If you are planning to purchase online be sure that you are buying from a reputable dealer. Purchasing your nut dispenser online does give you the opportunity to look at many different models from different retailers and find the one that best suits your needs regarding style and design as well as budget. You will find them made from many different materials including wood, glass and stainless steel. Purchasing online will give you the chance to look at different designs and colors and choose the one that best suits your kitchen or entertainment area needs. You can do a simple internet search for nut dispensers and then simply begin looking at the various retailers and comparing designs and costs to find the one that you want.

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