Nut Gift Basket

Nut Gift Basket

When you are pressed to find a gift for someone and are unsure of just what to give them, a nut gift basket is a good choice. These gift baskets are very popular in many areas and offer a bit of something for everyone in the family. They come in a wide range of sizes with various different nut types and often other foods such as citrus fruits or candies. The baskets may come in different shapes as well and all of them make perfect gift choices for virtually anyone on your gift list.

What is Included

Depending on where you purchase it and the specific type of gift basket that you choose, your nut gift basket could include candies, cookies, fruits and nuts as well as other gifts such as coffees and coffee mugs, hot chocolates and the list goes on and on. You can find many nut baskets that simply contain a selection of gourmet nuts or you can go the extra mile and choose one that also includes a nutcracker set or a selection of gourmet hot chocolates or other warm drinks for your gift recipient to enjoy. When it comes time to select your nut gift basket you simply need to have an idea of what you want. Take into consideration the personality and personal tastes of the person for whom you are purchasing the basket. If he or she really loves walnuts then ensure that the basket has a fairly large selection of walnuts, or whatever nut type they prefer. Macadamia nuts, pistachios, almonds, pecans and other gourmet choices are always available for inclusion into your gift basket.


The cost of your nut gift basket will depend on the size of the basket and likely what specific nut choices you include. You will find a wide variance of prices as well depending on where you shop. The internet has many wonderful choices for around $20 for smaller baskets and up to $100 or more for larger ones that contain many different types of nuts and other confections and fruits. If you are concerned about the cost you can take the time to visit several different websites and compare prices. If you order online you will also have a shipping charge but this is typically very minimal. Also, ordering online gives you the chance to have your nut gift basket shipped directly to the person for whom you purchase it so if you are buying for someone who lives far away from you then this could be a great advantage.

Types of Nuts

Most gift basket companies give you several choices with regards to the types of nuts that you can have included in your gift basket. The most popular choices include many traditional nuts such as walnuts and pecans as well as gourmet choices like macadamia nuts, Jordan almonds, flavored cashews, Brazil nuts and various different flavors of traditional choices. You can also add dried fruits such as bananas, fits and many others to your basket to make it truly unique.

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