Beer Nuts

Beer Nuts

Eating beer nuts is a marvelous experience. Protein-rich, loaded with good fat, and tastes best with alcohol, it’s no surprise why these appetizing nuts lead the list for snacking Americans, on top of beaver jerky, bacon skins and cheese doodles.

Facts about Beer Nuts

When we talk about beer nuts, some people usually think of the brand name of a snack that has a distinctive sweet and salty taste comprising of peanuts, corn syrup, vegetable oil, and salt. Despite its name, this particular snack food doesn’t contain beer.  The name plainly suggests to its customers that these nuts go well with beer.
In Australia, however, beer nuts are used as a general description of salted, roasted peanuts that are sold unhusked but shelled. Beer nuts in Australia aren’t sweetened.

Health Benefits of Beer Nuts

In the past, a bowl of beer nuts went together with beer and side chips at Super Bowl events and was a traditional snack at sports stadiums anywhere. While beer nuts are never really considered a staple in the conventional diet of Americans; they were never assessed and deemed healthy until in recent times. Today, it is known that beer nuts can also be included in a healthy diet and can be a healthy food choice that everybody can enjoy.
Healthy nuts are indeed a redundant phrase since all kinds of nuts offer different health benefits. Recent researches show that an ounce of beer nuts everyday can provide a lot of health benefits. Nuts have low or no cholesterol at all and have fiber and protein as well as different recommended minerals and vitamins.
The newly modified food pyramid indicates the daily recommendation calls for 51/2 ounce of foods from the beans group and meat. Nuts are also incorporated in this food group. Beer nuts are the excellent sources of Vitamin E, which is something a lot of people lack in their everyday diet. They also contain essential fatty acids or what is considered as good fat which are so easy to include in the diet.

How are Beer Nuts Made?

You may be curious how beer nuts are made.  This is a simple recipe for beer nuts that you can even try doing at home.

  1. Mix a cup of sugar, half cup of water, a quarter teaspoon of maple flavor and 1 pound of raw shelled peanuts a heavy saucepan, preferably a cast iron.
  2. Cook this for about ten minutes until the liquid disappears. Don't burn or scorch the peanuts. Immediately take out the peanuts from the saucepan once there’s no more liquid.
  3. Spread the peanuts on a cookie sheet that’s lightly greased. Sprinkle with some salt. Then, bake it at a temperature of 300 degrees for around 15 minutes. After that, stir it and bake for additional 15 minutes.
  4. Enjoy your beer nuts and put leftovers inside a well-sealed container to keep it fresh.

Of course, you also have the choice to buy beer nuts in the market.  There are a lot of brands that you can choose from as well as price ranges that will fit your budget.  Give yourself a break and buy beer nuts now.  

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