Gourmet Nuts

Gourmet Nuts

Gourmet nuts may be classified as such for a lot of reasons.  It may be due to its size, how it’s roasted or the nut quality. There are many varieties of gourmet nuts, but pecans, peanuts and almonds may be the most well-known gourmet nuts in the United States.

Gourmet nuts with higher quality are filled with flavor and are used in numerous ways. Gourmet nuts may be eaten roasted, smoked, baked or raw, blended into main courses, salads and desserts, mixed with spices, crushed into butters or pounded into oils.  The following are the tastiest and most common gourmet nuts:

Gourmet Almonds

The highest grade almonds usually have the most tempting look, taste and crunch.
Whether it’s natural, flavored, roasted, blanched or chocolate-covered, almond lovers look for highest-grade almonds.

If you want to order direct, purchase during or right after the mid-August through harvest season in October to buy the tastiest, freshest almonds. 

Whole natural almonds can be stored up for nearly two years if they are tightly sealed. It is highly suggested that roasted almonds must be kept inside resealable plastic bags, vacuum or containers for them to stay flavorful and fresh.

Gourmet nuts like almonds have high monounsaturated fat content, that have been linked with lower risk of heart disease.

Gourmet Peanuts

Naturally, shelled peanuts are cholesterol-free.  Peanuts comprise two-thirds of all gourmet nuts gobbled up by Americans, as stated by the National Peanut Board. 
The most excellent gourmet peanuts are available in two sizes namely the USDA Grade Jumbo and the USDA Grade Fancy.

Gourmet Pecans

Americans really love pecans. These gourmet nuts can be eaten roasted, raw, or chocolate coated. An essential quality indicator in gourmet pecans is the color. Generally, pecans with lighter color are more attractive.
Pecans are filled with 19 minerals and vitamins which include vitamin A, many B vitamins, vitamin E, calcium, folic acid, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and potassium, as said by the National Pecan Shellers Association. 
The freshest pecans are full-grown in mid-October and can be harvested through December. 

Choose fleshy gourmet pecans that are the same in size and color. If stored inappropriately, pecans can get rancid. Luckily, these gourmet nuts can stay fresh up to two years if placed in a sealed container or bag and stored inside the freezer.
Indeed, gourmet nuts are considered one of the most healthful snacks you can eat. They are filled with potassium, fiber, protein, and several other helpful minerals and vitamins.
Gourmet nuts are truly versatile nuts. They are not only eaten as a snack but they can also perk up your favorite recipes at the same time. Artistic chefs use all kinds of gourmet nuts in main courses, desserts and appetizers.
Gourmet nuts are also perfect for baking, as a crusty glaze for fish and chicken, or as a fresh consistency in stir fry foods. You don’t need to be an expert chef to stir up a few fascinating recipes that need cashews, almonds, walnuts, macadamias and many more. Go ahead and enjoy experimenting with gourmet nuts.

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