Garlic Pistachios

Garlic Pistachios

Mama Mellace garlic pistachios are a great option because they certainly do provide the best in homemade snacks and all the ingredients used in them are also all natural. This helps to ensure that even oven roasted garlic pistachios are going to provide wonderful crunchiness and there is also nothing artificial in there to spoil the flavor. In fact, these pistachios only have a small sprinkling of garlic which helps to create a snack that is wholesome and uncomplicated.

Casa de Fruta

Casa de Fruta has been selling some wonderful garlic pistachios which are very satisfying and also very healthy. These pistachios are absolutely sensational and are among the freshest that you can find anywhere. You will love this large sized bag that contains the best and biggest California pistachios that have a wonderful garlic flavor that is truly a delight to the palate.

Heart of the Desert

Heart of the Desert Pistachios is special as they grow well under the effects of the southwestern sun that kisses these pistachios and turn them into mature and fresh pistachios. Heart of the Desert Pistachios offers many different flavors but their garlic pistachios are exceptional. These pistachios are being sold in burlap sacks and also in resealable packages made from plastic.

Individual tastes

They also offer items to suit individual tastes and preferences and will be ready to serve individuals looking for a snack and also those who are looking to buy enough to feed an entire family and even a group of people. Their garlic pistachios offer a distinctive and different flavor to their more popular pistachios, the Green Chile pistachios. If you are looking to enjoy pistachios that provide a robust and lively fresh garlic flavor then these are the ones that you should be eating.


Germack garlic pistachios are available as eight ounce shelled pistachios that have a decidedly delicious garlic flavor. These pistachios are roasted in small sized batches to ensure that the pistachios remain fresh and maintain their flavor.

Braga Organic Farms garlic pistachios (in-shell) are available in 3 ½ pound bags. These pistachios have obtained CCOF certification and are delicious and will be packed fresh as soon as an order for them is placed. They will be packed in heat sealed and resealable as well as standup bags.

Nutty Gourmet Roasted garlic savory pistachios are available in 25 pound bags. These pistachios will be shipped throughout the US but cannot be shipped to Hawaii, APO/FPO and Alaska or Puerto Rico.

Fiddyment Farms likes to sell 25 pound garlic pistachios (in-shell). These pistachios are naturally opened and freshly roasted and are great options for those who want to purchase such pistachios in bulk. Fiddyment Farms has a long history of successfully growing pistachios and its mission is to provide customers with the highest quality products and also the freshest pistachios from California. They will roast and then package the pistachios in small sized batches to help maintain the freshness of the product.

The ChiliStore sells its New Mexico green chili and garlic pistachios. These pistachios are roasted in their shells with genuine green chili flavor. They will be packaged in burlap bags with their own drawstrings and the ingredients that go into these excellent garlic pistachios include pistachio nuts, garlic, green chili and red chili pods as well as salt.

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