Cashews Nuts

Cashews Nuts

Cashews nuts are not only very delightfully tasty but they are also good for your health. They are full of monounsaturated fats that are well known for being beneficial to one’s health and in addition contain magnesium as well as copper which do their bit to help you stay free from heart diseases. In addition, they also help to strengthen your bones and provide the body with additional energy as well.

Colon cancer

By consuming cashews nuts, it is possible to reduce the risk of colon cancer and even Kelly Holmes, an Olympic champion has revealed that it was these nuts that did much to help her achieve success in her sport. It therefore makes sense to find out eating these nuts will keep a person healthy.

Tasty and nutritious

First of all, it pays to add some cashews nuts to a dish as this will improve the taste of the dish and also provide the body with important nutrients. One can learn to make different dishes with these nuts including Cashew Chicken as well as Cashew Shrimp and there are numerous other recipes available that will help you to concoct even more interesting dishes.


Cashews nuts are actually only found in tropical locations and as a matter of fact, the Cashew tree has never been seen in places like Europe, US and even the Middle East. Cashews nuts grow on trees that primarily exist only in tropical conditions. These nuts are a product of the cashew tree and are very sweet and have become very popular in the Northern Hemisphere and in Europe. Not only do these nuts provide the best flavor but they offer a number of health benefits as well.

Cashews nuts are native to South America’s equatorial regions and are in fact nothing but seeds which grow on the ends of cashew apples which are edible and a wonderfully nutritious treat as well. These nuts are related to the mango and pistachio and to poison ivy as well as poison oak. The Portuguese, after they came to South America in the sixteenth century, discovered these nuts though they were only traded as a commodity many centuries later.

Vitamin pill

Cashews nuts are so healthy that they are also referred to as a nature’s very own vitamin pill and are currently the number one ranked nut crop in the entire world. Cashews nuts contain quite a lot of fat but this fat is of the beneficial variety. In addition to these fats, these nuts also contain fatty acids that are also beneficial to the health. Strangely, despite containing so much fat, cashews nuts are still considered as being low fat nuts. This is on account of the fact that they contain les amount of fat per serving as compared to other nuts such as almonds and walnuts as well as peanuts and even pecans.

Cashews nuts, whether they are salted, roasted, covered in chocolate or sugared are used to complement various appetizers and even to complement main dishes as well as deserts. Organic cashews nuts, Koeze’s Colossal Cashews and Colossal Cashews 20 ounces Decanters are easily available at places such as Amazon which is a great source for buying the best quality nuts.

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