Soy Nut Butter

Soy Nut Butter

Soy nut butter is a great alterative for those who do not like peanut butter. Soy nut butter is made from soy by roasting and grounding the soy. The best part about going for soy nut butter is that not only will you get to avoid the calories that come with peanut butter but you will also get 7 grams of protein in your body with every serving of soy nut butter. And that is just half the good news that this butter is, the rest of the half is that it tastes good too, almost like peanut butter and has the same texture as well. The fact that it has a surprisingly long history should vouch for the fact that it is a very nutritional butter.

Facts about its Nutrition

Peanuts have a lot more calories than soya and hence it is best to avoid peanut butter in case you do not want to have too many calories in your diet. The FDA has confirmed that consuming soya products reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. But people with soy allergy should avoid soy nut butter and soya in general. Soya is rich in proteins, and is a very important source of proteins for vegans and vegetarians.

5 different Ways to Consume Soy Nut Butter

  • Bread, jelly and soy nut butter taste awesome together. Just spread the butter and jelly and munch away to glory. This is your soy butter equivalent to the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and just as delicious.
  • Use Soy nut butter to make a sauce that is spicy. You can use this sauce with Pasta. You can also use this spicy sauce if you are trying to make any Asian dishes. I your friends ask about your new found taste in Asian cooking, you can tell them that’s because you are 1/8 Asian. We recommend you do this only when you are 1/8 Asian! Otherwise just tell them about the soy nut butter!


  • Cookies also can be made from this and they are very tasty. Soy nut butter cookies are known throughout the world for their good taste.
  • Use it as an innovative cracker spread after mixing it with tofu or tuna.


  • Can be used as a dip as well. This dip can not only be eaten with chips but can be eaten with vegetables as well. This is a completely healthy dip that tastes awesomely delicious.

Storing Soy Nut Butter

You do not have to use the fridge to store the Soy nut butter. You can choose to place it outside, or in the fridge if you are so inclined. The only criterion that has to be followed is that it needs to be placed in an air tight container.

Buying Soy Nut Butter

 A lot of companies sell soy nut butter directly from the internet, which means that you can place your order from their sites, and have the soy nut butter home delivered. With such a healthy type of butter just a few clicks away, it’s a great idea to order some.

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