Fruit and Nut

Fruit and Nut

If fruits are known as one of the most nutritious natural foods, nuts are not far behind. Together they are a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fiber. What’s more, by combining different types of fruits and nuts, you can get fruit and nut mixes with different type of nutritional makeup. For example, if you are going for a energy drink, you can select fruits and nuts that are known for their calorie content. In the following article we discuss how to make a high energy fruit and nut mix.

Fruit and Nut Mix

Sometimes it is so important to know how to make energizing mixes right in your home. Here we will discuss just that. How many times have you come back home tired and wished you had energy for some more time? To get that instant boost of energy that you crave, you can try this delicious fruit and nut mix. Both the ingredients in this mix are known to be excellent energy boosters and together they make a deadly combination. This is an excellent mix for those of you just returning from a gym after their daily workout. Fruit and nut mix makes an excellent and nutritious snack too.

Ingredients for Fruit and Nut Mix

Half a cup cashew nuts; one full cup peanuts; tropical fruit bag, these are readily available at convenience stores; dried cherries or even cranberries, if available; you can even add dried blueberries if you like; chopped almonds; raisins; any dried fruit that you like

Steps to Make Fruit and Nuts Mix

  • Place all the ingredients on the counter. This will make it easy to mix in the ingredients one at a time without forgetting anything.
  • The best container to make fruit and nut mix is an airtight plastic container. So get one of those for yourself.
  • First empty the cashew nuts into the container. Spread it as the base of the mix.
  • Now drop the peanuts over the cashews. Make sure it is all even for now.
  • Now for the part where you add the fruits in the fruit and nut mix: add the raisins, cherries, cranberries and other tropical fruits.
  • Finally now top it off with the almonds.
  • Keep the fruit and nut mix aside for a while and let it set.
  • After an hour or two use a wooden spoon to mix the ingredients together.

The fruit and nut mix is ready.

Tips for making fruit and nut mix

Small children sometimes have trouble digesting such a powerful drink. Make sure that any children in who consume the fruit and nut mix are capable of digesting it properly. Even for older children, restrict the fruit and nut mix they consume.
If you are left with small amount of the mix, do not leave it in the open. Use zip lock bags to keep it air tight, and consume it later.

With fruits and nuts, you have two of the most nutritional natural products with you – a mix of the two is just terrific, as you will see.

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