Types of Nuts

Types of Nuts

There are quite a few different types of nuts which most people are already quite familiar with. Almonds, for example, are a good example of the more popular types of nuts. This kind of nut is generally eaten either on its own or as toasted or even raw form. It is also widely used in dishes and can be sprinkled over a dessert item including those such as a sundae and ice cream. It is also used in the making of baklava as well as nougats.

Nuts – Brazilian variety

Brazilian nuts are other popular types of nut. They may be called Brazil nuts but they are mostly exported from Bolivia and not from Brazil. The Brazilians call these types of nuts as chestnuts from Para. These nuts contain plenty of selenium and they provide plenty of thiamine as well as magnesium.


Cashews are very popular types of nuts. They were found in Brazil but the Portuguese took them to other parts of the world and the cashew nut tree can also now be grown in any place where there is sufficient humidity and warmth. Cashews contain a lot of oil and they are widely used in nut butters because they provide a good amount of oil. They contain about 180 calories in a single ounce and are currently being produced in about 32 countries in different parts of the world.


Chestnuts are more popular in the southern parts of Europe and also in southwest as well as eastern Asia. These Types of nuts are also widely eaten in the eastern parts of the US. They are also consumed by those people that live in forests where wheat is not readily available. Chestnuts provide a good source for carbohydrates.


Hazelnuts are different types of nuts and contain a lot of proteins as well as unsaturated fats. They are also rich in thiamine and in Vitamin B. they are a perfect choice for those people that want to curtail their intake of carbohydrates.

Macadamia are types of nuts that most people are familiar with. They are a good crop of which there are but two species. These Types of nuts are very popular and much in demand.

Pecans are good types of nut that you can eat fresh and they can also be used in your cooking, especially if you wish to create some delightfully sweet desserts. The pecan pie, not surprisingly, is very popular in the US, especially in the southern regions where it is considered a traditional dish.

Peanuts are Types of nuts that we all know about. It is also known as the groundnut as well as earthnuts, goober peas, goobers, jack nuts, pindas as well as manila nuts, pinders and even monkey balls.

Pinenuts are types of nuts that are actually the edible seeds that are obtained from pines. There are twenty species that can be eaten. Pistachios are other types of nuts that we all know. These can be consumed as fresh nuts or roasted and even salted nuts and are also used in ice creams as well as in confections like baklava.

Finally, walnuts are types of nuts that are also very popular and they are also very edible. These nuts contain a lot of oil and are eaten fresh as well as in cooked items.

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