Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts

Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts are very healthy, very tasty treats. Hawaiian macadamia nuts are very popular products and are used in a variety of dishes and baked goods from consumers and businesses around the world. They contain healthy fats as well as many other good properties not the least of which is their taste. They help to naturally lower cholesterol and have many essential nutrients that help to promote an overall better immune system. Macadamia nuts in general contain Omega fatty acids which are crucial for a health heart and to ward off the risks of certain diseases and stroke. Hawaiian macadamia nuts are available through a variety of different stores and online retailers and offer a much better taste in some opinions than those found in other areas.

Where to Find Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts

Most of the macadamia nuts that you can purchase in America come from Hawaii. Some varieties do come from Australia but these are normally shipped to other areas of the world. Since macadamia nuts pack so many healthy properties, they have become the most desired gourmet delicatessen in many areas of the world. Those coming from Hawaii are available through many different grocery stores, supermarkets and specialty stores around the nation. In addition, you can find many websites that offer Hawaiian macadamia nuts for sale in a variety of packaging options and flavors. Some of the most popular flavors include chocolate coated, garlic and onion and sea salted varieties. These are available in single packages and in various nut gift baskets and can be purchased through many different retailers. It is important if you are shopping online to keep an eye out for quality. You want to be certain that you are receiving the freshest macadamia nuts possible. You should also be aware that most retailers ship the nuts already shelled or hulled because the shells are very hard to crack. It may be less expensive to purchase macadamia nuts in the shell but they are much less convenient as well.

Cost for Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts

What you will pay for Hawaiian macadamia nuts depends highly on the size of package that you purchase, where you purchase it and the flavor that you choose. Plain and unsalted macadamia nuts are not expensive in general but the cost can be increased when you add various flavors or coatings or if you are planning to purchase them in bulk. On average, Hawaiian macadamia nuts cost around $6 or $7 per pound for plain nuts. When you add chocolate, white chocolate or other flavorings you may pay around $10 per pound again depending on where you purchase. For a healthier snack and a delicious treat however, the cost for Hawaiian macadamia nuts is very low. Other nuts may be lower in price but simply do not have the health benefits that macadamia nuts provide. They are good for use in many baked goods such as cookies and pies and can be used to coat fish and other meats for added flavor.

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