Jalapeno Pistachios

Jalapeno Pistachios

Jalapeno pistachios are well loved by those who love the hot stuff. A combination of delightfully spicy pistachios and jalapeno creates the hottest nuts that are going to prove to be very hard to resist. If you want to taste the delights of such pistachios and then simply cracks open a pistachio and savor its wonderful spiciness.

In-shell pistachios

When it comes to choosing the best jalapeno pistachios, be sure to look for in-shell flavored pistachios that are coated generously with real spicy and authentic jalapeno flavor. These pistachios are sure to provide you with a warmth and heat that along with the butteriness of the pistachio will provide the perfect taste. Also, look for jalapeno pistachios that are conveniently packaged to ensure that they can be taken with you everywhere you go.

Fiddyment Farms

Fiddyment Farms offers a collection of jalapeno pistachios that are not only natural but which are free from artificially created flavors and preservatives. You can rest assured that these pistachios are always opened naturally and not through artificial means and they are also not bleached. The baking of these pistachios is done in small sized batches.

Smoked jalapeno pistachios are another excellent option. If the pistachios are smoked slowly with genuine jalapeno peppers and without heating them too much, the result is going to be truly astounding.

Mama Mellace

Mama Mellace’s jalapeno pistachios are simple and natural and offer all the goodness that one would expect from homemade foods. These jalapeno pistachios are oven roasted to ensure that they continue to maintain a natural crunchiness and this is how they continue to be the real classic treat that everyone loves and wants more of. They have a sprinkling of jalapeno sauce that helps to make these jalapeno pistachios wholesome snacks that are simple and delicious.

Nutritional information

Jalapeno pistachios contain about 190 calories per single serving and also contain 24 percent fat or 15 grams and in addition contain 10 percent saturated fat that makes up 2 grams of the total serving size which is two ounces. These pistachios however do not contain any Trans fat, polyunsaturated fat or monounsaturated fat. In addition, they do not contain any cholesterol but contain 11 percent of sodium which amounts to 250 milligrams of the total serving.

Jalapeno pistachios also contain 6 grams of carbohydrates and also contain 8 percent dietary fiber that amounts to 2 grams of the total serving. These pistachios also contain fifteen percent protein that amounts to 7 grams of the total serving. In addition, they also contain vitamin A, calcium and iron.

Nature Kist jalapeno pistachios are very popular. These pistachios combine the best spices with nuts and provide zest filled though mild jalapeno flavored coating (powdered) in the pistachios that are shell roasted.

It pays to remember that pistachios are very healthy nuts as they contribute significantly to lowering risk of heart disease. In addition, they are excellent source for antioxidants which are very useful in fighting cancer as well as Alzheimer’s. The Lutein that is found in pistachios helps in lowering incidences of eye diseases such as cataract. Consuming pistachios is also beneficial for women who will benefit in that they will not need to undergo surgery for any gallstone related diseases.

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