Premium Nuts

Premium Nuts

When it comes to buying premium nuts, Nuts About New Zealand is a name that should ring a bell. This business has been producing the best premium nuts and especially macadamia nuts which are grown on their orchards that are situated in the beautiful hills of New Zealand and more particularly in the Kaipara region. Their macadamia nuts are planted in the best soil and are grown under micro-climatic control and away from the cold southern winds.

Pa 39 and Beaumont

This orchard produces two main varieties of premium macadamia nuts which are the Pa 39 and Beaumont varieties and each variety grows perfectly in the climatic conditions in this part of New Zealand. When the Macadamia nuts reach their peak state they will be handpicked and then these premium nuts are prepared and then packaged in a manner that ensures preserving all their natural flavors and freshness.

Healthy options

There are several good reasons to buy these premium nuts, especially as the macadamia nut is known to be very healthy. Macadamias are in fact high energy foods that are also cholesterol free. They also contain natural oils in which 78 percent is healthy monounsaturated fat. In addition, these premium nuts also provide sufficient proteins and contain potassium and calcium as well as dietary fiber and very little sodium.

These premium nuts contain monounsaturated fats that are deemed to be healthy for the human body and these fats are known to help in lowering blood cholesterol levels and at the same time will also enhance good cholesterol levels. Macadamia nuts do not contain any cholesterol or Trans fatty acids and at the same time are effective in improving the balance between Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids. In this way these premium nuts facilitate the body’s ability to manufacture the required essential fatty acids as well as eicosanoids.

Better muscles

Another reason why it pays to buy premium nuts such as the high quality Macadamia nuts from Nuts About New Zealand is because these nuts contain quite a high amount of protein which in turn are made up of essential/non-essential amino acids that help the body build up better muscles and connective tissues.

Nuts About New Zealand sells a diverse range of premium nuts including the excellent Natural Macadamias 125 grams. These are 100 percent pure premium nuts and are grown in the healthiest and most natural state and contain only natural ingredients. These premium nuts do not contain any artificial colors and are also free from preservatives. They are being sold in attractive 125 gram bags with clear inspection gussets at the base which also helps to prevent the product from deteriorating and a zip lock feature ensures that the flavors as well as freshness is preserved. These premium nuts are also available in 500 gram bags.

These are also an idea substitute for the pine nuts and can be used to create homemade muesli. Similarly, on can choose from other options including roasted macadamias, salted macadamias and the chili and honey as well as milk chocolate macadamias are exceptional and worth picking if you want the best premium nuts available.

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