Macadamia Nuts Hawaii

Macadamia Nuts Hawaii

Whenever we talk about Macadamia nuts, it is most likely that Macadamia nuts Hawaii will be the heart of every conversation. One of the main things a tourist to Hawaii takes notice of is the large exhibit of Macadamia nuts in any convenience store. The variety is almost limitless and the prices are astounding, less than one-half of what you will pay on the mainland for similar items.

John Macadam is the first to discover the genus that is the reason it is named after him. In the eight species of the Protaceae, most of them are poisonous, unlike the delicious Macadamia nuts. Because of the delectable Macadamia nuts, the growers have planted it for over a hundred years. Some produces a distinctive trait, which is a usually large or more flavorful nut.

Hawaii is well known for Macadamia nuts. However, did you know that Macadamia nuts originated in the rain forests of Northern Australia? Yes, it is just a commercial crop from Hawaii.

The Macadamia nut is a member of the family Protaceae and is one of the 10 species that produce the best productive plants. The two types of plants are Macadamia integrefolia, which produces nuts in smooth shells, and the Macadamia tetraphylla has rough-shells.

Macadamia trees produce all through out their lives, but they grow very slow. With the large demand from the consumers, the growers start planting large orchards of Macadamia tree to meet the demands. Macadamia tree is also growing in the countries including Malawi, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Israel, South Africa, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Brazil and Mexico. In the United States, the orchards are located in Florida, California, and Hawaii.

Here are some interesting facts about Macadamia nuts Hawaii:

  • United States is the biggest consumer of Macadamia nuts with 51%, followed by Japan with 15%.
  • Macadamia nuts Hawaii have increased monounsaturated fatty acid or “good” fat and have been sown to help decrease cholesterol levels in general.
  • Nearly all of Macadamia nuts Hawaii originate from Hawaii’s Big Island.
  • Macadamia nuts Hawaii are high in protein and minerals.
  • Growers of Macadamia nuts in Hawaii are considered the leaders in the whole world when it comes to cultivation techniques.

More about Macadamia Nuts Hawaii

The Macadamia nuts are quite expensive because of the difficulty of removing them into their hard shell. Once opened, the shells shows an ivory colored kernel, which has oil, with a creamy and buttery flavor. It can be served uncooked, roasted or ground into nut butter. Most people used them with chocolates and in baking as desserts.

You can refrigerate Macadamia nuts Hawaii to keep them fresh for the longest time possible. In room temperature, it will easily go stale.

When your relatives and friends return from Hawaii with an amazing tan and holding a container of Macadamia nuts, you are aware right away they had such a good time in the Aloha state. Don’t turn green with envy. Buy Macadamia nuts Hawaii and have that jar of mouth-watering nuts in your hand.

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