Hemp Nuts

Hemp Nuts

It certainly does pay to consume hemp nuts because doing so ensures that the body is going to get plenty of health beneficial protein in the form of Globulin Edestin which is easy to digest and is useful in helping to build the body’s structure. This is a health giving protein that is categorized as a form of plasma protein. Thanks to Globulin Edestin, the body is able to manufacture hormones and enzymes as well as blood plasma, fibrogin, antibodies as well as hemoglobin.

Different amino acids

Another reason why it pays to consume hemp nuts is that they will provide the body with sufficient doses of nine different essential amino acids. We already know that the smallest protein building blocks happen to be amino acids and that these are used by the body to create proteins. Sufficient amount of protein in the body helps to strengthen it and it also improves the body’s reactions to changes and injuries as well as infections.

Dose of fat

Eating hemp nuts also means getting a healthy dose of fats that are beneficial to the human body and which will also be available in the correct ratio in relation to the body’s special requirements. The fats that the body gets include Essential Fatty Acids which along with Omega 3, 6 and 9 help to keep the body alive and these are only obtainable from the foods that we consume.


Hemp nuts also provide the body with fiber as well as chlorophyll. All these benefits are sufficient reason to be motivated into eating plenty of hemp nuts. They are after all gluten free and raw and also vegan and by adding these beneficial nuts to a salad and to cereals as well as to breads and vegetables one can reap a number of benefits.

Hemp nuts are especially beneficial for women during their pregnancy and they are also suitable for consumption by nursing mothers and also toddlers that are being given their first taste of solid foods. These nuts help in the proper development of the fetus and will also keep the mother in good health and they help to keep their skins soft as well as supple.

Hemp nuts also enable help mothers recover from pregnancy and without worrying about damage from stretched skins. These nuts also help nursing mother produce breast milk that is healthy and it also aids the newborn in developing their mental and physical attributes. Hemp nuts should also be given to children when they are ready to eat solids as they provide the essential building blocks to help them grow and maintain good health.

Similarly, eating hemp nuts is also good for those who are suffering from blood pressure or high cholesterol levels or from diseases such as eczema and arthritis. If a person has one or more of these problems, they need to get sufficient amount of essential amino acids and they also need essential fatty acids which can be obtained by eating hemp nuts.

Those with cholesterol or blood pressure problems will do well to not only consume hemp nuts but they should also make it a point to cut out unwanted sugars, starches carbohydrates and saturated fats from their diets and instead they should consider consuming between 8 and 12 heaped teaspoons of hemp nuts on a daily basis.

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